Our Story of Beauty

The experience of a good thirty years full of hair care, and dermo and tailor-made solutions to people in search of permanent solutions for the health of their hair…

Sedat Biga, who had long been mastering different hair types, hair problems, and people’s needs and wants, decided fifteen years ago to create his own brand, behind which lay as well the benefits he wanted to share and the emotional satisfaction as the effort of making hair care customizable. Concept Beauty products, suitable for all types of hair, with its special formulas developed through a process of long and meticulous R&D studies by using high quality and natural raw materials provided from all over the world, are now available to introduce professional

Add Beauty to Your Beauty



Concept Beauty's formulas prepared in accordance with all types of hair are of high quality and

natural ingredients are used.

Our Quality

As Concept Beauty, we offer science-centric, natural and permanent solutions. Moreover, we make it through products customizable to any hair type and any hair problem. In the products that we have been creating throughout this exciting journey, we only use trusted and high quality raw materials provided from all over the world and special ingredients showing respect for the mother nature. In our company, douzains of chemical engineers and our R&D team are tirelessly working to be able to transform new and developing technologies into beauty and good health while enriching our product line with new products offering permanent solutions tailored to different needs.


Your needs and wants mean a lot to us

Through customers’ experiences do we keep reforming, developing, and growing.
Inovation is in our genes
We use technology to make it work for the health of your hair.
Not “uni” but “unique”
We create solutions in line with the needs of you guests of ours with the idea of “tailor-made shot” unique to each one of you, which is now being implemented for the first time in the world.
We respect the mother nature
With natural ingredients, we take care of you and the mother nature as well.

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