Hair Care Sets




Discover your custom set
Prior to use the Concept Beauty Hair Care Sets, you might want to determine which one is the best for your hair type and problem. Concept Beauty product line has a variety of hair care sets with natural and rich contents. Once you get to decide on the right one, and mix it in your Concept Beauty Shampoo and shake it, you can start using. After massaging with your fingertips on your scalp while washing your hair, you can leave it on for five minutes and then rinse your hair. You can repeat if you wish.

Getting the perfect result
Concept Beauty Hair Care products solve hair problems in the long-term use completely. Concept Beauty Shampoo, while cleansing delicately and without irritating your hair and scalp, helps your hair recover the moisture it has lost, and the care shots, containing the actives and compounds it needs, brings in its health and liveliness.